‘What makes food great?’

monté started with this simple question. And after years of experience and refinement they crafted the menu that provides the answer – a cosmopolitan palette of flavours that express culinary excellence.

monté is a modern Australian restaurant in Leichhardt, Sydney Inner West. We combine what we believe is the ultimate menu with the best contemporary dining experience. Our food is the freshest, our atmosphere is relaxed and there is an extensive range of Australian wines.

“I Love the food we cook and create. Making people happy is the first goal of my career. Using fresh ingredients with texture and flavour is how I create delicious food.”

Owner and Chef Louis spend many years finding that answer to the question: what makes food great? Working in Sydney’s finest restaurants, from Bistro Moncur to the Cooks Garden he honed his already impressive skills. And after much refinement and experimentation his passionate pursuit resulted in crafting the menu at monté.

Passion produces the right answer. And at monté’s we have the answer for those seeking the very best in fine food dining.

Whether it is a special occasion, a function, or a cosy spot for a pleasant night out, the monté team will make you feel welcome.